Cheap International
phone to phone calls

Asiafon allows you to make cheap international phone calls from any country in the World to any country.
To make a call all you need a regular or mobile phone.
Internet connection is optıonal.
Asiafon will connect any 2 phone numbers using cheapest available option.

Why Choose asiafon?

  • Great connectivity and sound quality
  • No hidden fees (30/6 seconds billing)
  • No internet connection
  • No special software
  • Online account management
  • Great service at best price
  • Speed dial option

Call prices from Turkey

Call prices from Russian Federation

Call prices from India

Call prices from Ukraine

Call prices from United States

View call prices from other countries

From To price/min
Turkey Germany 10¢
Turkey USA 10¢
Turkey Russia 13¢
Russia USA 11¢
Russia Germany 11¢
Pakistan USA 16¢
Pakistan UK 16¢
Pakistan India 18¢
India USA 10¢
India UK 10¢
Kazakhstan Russia 16¢
Kazakhstan Uzbekistan 20¢
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